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About us

Family hotel and restaurant
in Baiersbronn-Obertal

We are gastronomes with love and passion.

As a family we run the hotel, inn and restaurant “Blume” in Baiersbronn-Obertal in the 5th generation.


1954: OUR FLOWER – starting point for the miracle of Bern.

In April 1954 Sepp Herberger invited the national players to Obertal to our flower. They spent five days here recharging their batteries and strengthening their team spirit during the informal get-together.

Fritz Walter wrote about the days in our “Blume” in his book “3:2 die Spiele zur Weltmeisterschaft” (3:2 the games for the world championship) that they were able to recharge their mental batteries in Obertal, and thus had a nice amount of carelessness and enterprise for the Swiss trip.

Carefree and with “full batteries” from a good preparation they played themselves into the final. What they achieved here remains unforgotten and will always be the wonder of Bern.

Then as now, we want to offer everyone an unforgettable day in Obertal, so that your batteries are charged and you can take a piece of this carefreeness with you.